Realtime-Spy Plus is an enhanced version of the original Realtime-Spy software that comes with a few additional features.

Realtime-Spy Plus allows users to use an all new feature - email forwarding. Realtime-Spy Plus will log all incoming and outgoing POP3/SMTP email on the monitored computer - then forward each one to your own private, individual email address for later reading.

Realtime-Spy Plus provides you with 500 additional screenshots in your screenshot storage capacity (a $19.95 value separately).

Realtime-Spy Plus also allows you to monitor two (2) computers instead of the typical single license that you would be allowed if you purchased the standard Realtime-Spy package. (a $19.95 value)




Realtime-Spy Logs...

  • Keystrokes and Passwords Typed
  • Websites Visited and Online Searches
  • How Long Websites are Visited
  • Screenshots of User Activity
  • Windows Interacted With
  • Internet Connections Made
  • Applications Usage
  • How Long Applications are Used
  • All Files Opened, Deleted and Modified
  • Location Changes
  • Chatroom Conversations
  • Computer Usage Sessions
  • Forwards Emails Sent/Received*

Remote Install & Removal

Realtime-Spy can be installed remotely onto your computer via email or file transfer by sending the logging app file to your remote PC. When the user runs the file, Realtime-Spy installs itself and invisible stealth monitoring begins immediately, and logs are updated in real-time. When you are done monitoring you can remotely uninstall Realtime-Spy, too!

Convenient Monitoring

  • Monitor your PC from Anywhere
  • View logs via your Web-browser
  • Real-time Keystroke Viewing
  • Real-time Log Updates
  • Real-time Screenshot Viewing
  • Around the clock, 24/7 Log Access
  • Search and Manage Logs Remotely
  • Secure Remote Access and Log Storage
  • Graphical Top 10 Reports
  • Unmatched Logging Capabilities
  • Remote Log Archiving
  • Disables Spyware Detectors
  • Runs in Complete Stealth

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