Realtime-Spy is the latest in high-tech cloud-based computer monitoring and spy software that allows you to remotely install the monitoring system on any computer you own and access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own secure Realtime-Spy webspace! No remembering long IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC - all you have to do is point your browser to your secure member's area to view logs from any PC's you deploy Realtime-Spy on! Realtime-Spy's comprehensive monitoring features invisibly log everything users do on your computer.

Realtime-Spy requires no physical installation, and allows you to truly view activity logs in real-time from any location, at any time!

24/7 Remote Viewing. View logs anytime, anywhere.

Secure web-based log viewing allows you to monitor your PC usage from anywhere.

Logging Access Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 access to your monitored PC, from any location via your personal, secure website address given to you after you purchase! Your activity logs are password protected and updated in real-time for constant review.

Real-time Activity, Keystroke, and Screenshot Viewing

As Realtime-Spy's name implies, it can show you what users do in real-time at the exact instant they perform an action - from apps being opened and closed, to computer usage and website visits. Realtime-Spy can also display what users are typing in real-time, as they type, and display screenshots every few seconds for accurate remote visual monitoring.

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Centralized, Multiple User/PC Logging

Log and record MULTIPLE PC's from ONE REMOTE LOCATION without any extra configuration - just click what computers you want to view logs for. Logs are automatically stored and categorized by username and computer name for easy log management, and can be viewed individually by computer, or all at one time.

Convenient Visual Activity Overviews

Realtime-Spy can display a visual overview that shows you the current screen of all of your computers that you are monitoring at once, and can also display graphical activity overviews for individual computers, or all computers, showing trends in most used applications and websites, which users are most active and idle, and much more.

Graphical Top 10 Reports

Realtime-Spy's web interface can display useful Top 10 activity reports for computer usage (most idle and active users), file usage, window usage, internet connections, website usage, application usage, and more!

Real-time Activity Alerts

Realtime-Spy can be configured to alert you when specific keywords are typed or used by the user, allowing you to quickly react when unwanted behaviors occur.

Easy Log Management and Archiving

Realtime-Spy's member's area allows you to clear individual logs, all logs, or entire computers from your account in seconds. Logs can be quickly archived and downloaded for storage or future use. Logs can be searched for specific information.

Monitoring. Realtime-Spy logs everything users do.

Invisibly record all user activities and view them in real-time, from anywhere.

Keystrokes and Passwords Typed

Realtime-Spy's keystroke logger allows you to record all keystrokes and passwords users type while using your PC. All keystroke logs include the title of the window and name of the application that the keystrokes were typed in, along with the username of the use that typed them, and when.

Events Timeline

Log all events users performed and view them in an organized chronologically ordered listing. The Events Timeline lets you view what events the user performed, in the order they did them. Events logged include Application Starts/Stops, Website Visits, Computer Usage, Window Interactions, and more.

Screenshot Captures

See exactly what users are doing on your computer with full color visual screenshot captures. Realtime-Spy's screenshot captures show who users are talking to, emailing, interaction with on social networks, and much more.

Website Usage

Log all website visits performed by users on your computer. All website visits are logged by website address, username, and time of the site visit. Realtime-Spy also logs how long users visit each website so you can easily see what websites are visited the longest. Realtime-Spy supports the latest versions of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome, Safari, and America Online. Incognito and InPrivate browser usage is also logged.

Application Usage

Monitor and log all applications ran by users. Realtime-Spy logs when each application was started, stopped, and how long it was actually used, giving you an exact picture of how users are spending their time on your PC.

File System and Print Activity

Realtime-Spy will log all files and folders opened, printed, created, and deleted by the remote user - including those on portable/removable drives.

Internet Social Network Activity and Chat Conversations

Monitor and log both sides of all chat conversations made on chat clients and popular social network messengers, and track social network usage with Realtime-Spy's keystroke logging and screenshot recording.

Window Interactions

Realtime-Spy will log any application window that users interact with. Window interactions log entries include the title of the window interacted with, the application the window belongs to, and when the user interacted with the window.

Computer Usage

Realtime-Spy's computer usage monitoring logs how long users are active, and inactive during each computer session. Logs show when each session started, and when it ended.

Internet Connections

Realtime-spy can log all internet connections made and attempted by the user. Logs include the remote host, port, and time of connection.

Location Changes

Log and track the approximate location of your computer so you always know where your computer is located.

Clipboard Activity

Log all text copied to the Windows clipboard, along with the title of the window in use that the text was copied from.

Email Forwarding (Realtime-Spy PLUS Only)

Have all POP3/SMTP emails that a user sends and receives forwarded to your own private email account for later viewing. Now you can see all email activity that is going on when you are not around.

Remote Install. No physical install required.

Deploy Realtime-Spy via email, or install it physically if desired.

Remote Installation, Configuration, and Removal

Realtime-Spy can be remotely installed without physical presence needed for installation. The install happens instantly and starts monitoring immediately. Realtime-Spy's logging settings can later be reconfigured, or the logging software can be completely uninstalled, again without physical interaction with the remote computer. Please note that Realtime-Spy does tell the user that monitoring software is being installed, and they have the option to cancel the install, but once installed the software runs invisibly.

Easy Remote Deployment

Realtime-Spy can be remotely deployed easily with just a few clicks and minimal user interaction.

  • Email Deployment: simply send your configured Realtime-Spy module to the remote PC. The user only has to run the attached app file - they do not have to respond or send you any response to start monitoring your PC.

  • LAN/Network Deployment: Easily deploy Realtime-Spy over a network via network shares or logon scripts.

  • Physical Deployment: quickly install Realtime-Spy by running the created logging module on your PC.

Extremely Small File Size

Realtime-Spy's logging module is less than 120kb in size, allowing it to be quickly and easily sent via email, transferred over networks, and stored onto portable storage media without any difficulties.

Remote Administration

Realtime-Spy allows you to remotely shutdown, restart, logoff, freeze, and lockdown the remote PC via your administration area.

Stealth. Invisible and Undetectable Monitoring.

Monitor undetected, leaving no traces for the user to find.

Invisible to the User

Once installed, Realtime-Spy is designed to be an invisible and secure monitoring system. Using minimal CPU processing cycles, Realtime-Spy is not visible in any way to the user, and records and updates all logs without any user notification. Realtime-Spy does not reveal itself to the user on your desktop or Program Files folder and will continue to run when your computer is restarted.

Cloaked Installation

Realtime-Spy runs in COMPLETE STEALTH and cloaks itself to hide from the remote user! The installation module that is ran on your PC will install a copy of itself that is hidden so it cannot be disrupted/removed. The created module file you use to install the Realtime-Spy logging process on your PC is able to be discarded and deleted - without affecting Realtime-Spy's monitoring process!


Realtime-Spy can only be installed onto a PC or Mac you own, and have authorization to monitor. It cannot be used to monitor computers you do not own and administrator access is required. Users are informed they are installing monitoring software during the installation.

Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 (32 and 64-bit), macOS, and Mac OS X 10.6
1MB Hard disk space
Web-browser and Internet Connection for Log Transmission and Viewing